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Lise is available for booking 2024 clinics and Judging assignments. Day fee is $950.00CAD / 8hr day plus accommodation, mileage and travel expenses. 

*A non-refundable booking fee of $200CAD is required to reserve clinic dates. The dates are not considered confirmed, and will not be updated on the calendar without the security  deposit payment in full. The deposit will be applied to the clinic fee.

Once booking fee is received and form is filled, the date is confirmed the calendar will be updated.

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Q. How much per person do you charge?

A. My day fee is $950CAD. It is up to the facility to set participant rates The $200 booking fee is paid in advance

Q. What equipment do we need to have for a clinic?

A. Most facilities have poles/standards and objects that can be used to build obstacle courses. For clinics within driving distance i can bring a few unique obstacles (bull/garrocha/bell)


Q. How do I know to set up the course?

A. I will be in communication to find out what materials you have on hand and send a course map.

Q. How long are the riding sessions?

A. for Classical Dressage 1hr/participant individual

    for Working Equitation 3-4 groups 1.5 hrs

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Confirmed Bookings

2024 Clinics





















March 3-11 CE with Juan José Verdugo Camancho, Cadis Spain ✔️✖️

March 12-15 CE Tavares Ranch Montenerio Portugal ✔️✔️

March 18 CE Gilberto Filipe, Atalaia Portugal ✔️

March 16-20 Nuno Cavaco, Portugal ✔️

May 31 Hopes And Dreams, Mount Elgin ON Contact Gerda Renkema  ✔️  

June 22, 23 Maplewood Farm, Coburg ON  Working Equitation clinic and show Contact Tracy Hanes / Sheduled for August 19

June 29 Stonehedge Show 

July 13, Whitehaven Obstacle Park, Haldiman ON  Contact Connie White

July 18-20 WECochran Chapter, Alberta CAN, 2-day WECan Clinic and schooling show

August 24/25 LLWE clinic and schooling show, Norfolk County ON

August 30 Hopes and Dreams Stable, Clinic/schooling show contact Gerda Renkema

October 19 Roseneath ON Introductory clinic Contact Victoria Willet

2023 Clinics

OSWE January Webinar January 2023

Spring Into Working Equitation Fun Day Ancaster  Fairgrounds March 4-5 2023

OSWE May Working Equitation EXPO May 25-28, 2023 WAWE S. Judge seminar with António Vicente (POR)

Maple Crescent Farm, Port Hope, ON May 6 and 7 2023    RESCHEDULING

USAWE LOC seminar and show Illinois USA June 15-18 June 3, 2023 WAWE S. Judge José Andres Benito (SP)

Working Equitation Introduction Caledon Riding Club 

Working Equitation introduction June 10, 2023 - Seaforth ON, (spots open)

Working Equitation introduction July 22, Fenwick ON 

Working Equitation Intro - Porcupine Hill, Augusta ON Sept. 17th (spots open)

Working Equitation - Part Two, Seaforth ON Sept 30th (Spots open) 

Working Equitation clinic On A Whim Farm Oct 1, Barrie ON (spots open)

Working Equitation clinic Maple Wood Stables, Oct 7  Coburg ON (Spots open)

Working Equitation clinic Part 2 - Porcupine Hill, Augusta ON, Oct. 14th (spots open)

Working Equitation clinic WORLD CHAMPION Gilberto Filipe Nov. 23-27 

OSWE January Virtual Show and Webinar January 2023

OSWE May Working Equitation EXPO May 25-28, 2023

OSWE Valkyrie Equestrian Working Equitation Show - scorer June 24.25

USAWE license shows, Midland Michigan August 19/10 TD, Judge Shadow

USAWE Eastern Zone Championships, PA Sept 21 -24, Scribe

2022 Clinics

JohnMel Stables  ON, Canada Intro to Working Equitation

Sprucehaven Farm Ingersol ON, Canada - Coaching WE

Maple Crescent Farm ON, Canada - Intro to Working Equitation

Whitehaven Horse Park ON, Canada - Intro to WE

Three Nails Farm ON, Canada - Intro to WE

TNY Pony Club ON Canada - Intro to WE

Legacy Equestrian ON Canada - Intro to WE

Sprucehaven Farm ON, Canada - Intro to WE

Sprucehaven Farm ON Canada - Show, Judge

Three Bulls Farm Licensed officail Seminar USAWE Licensed Show - with Dorren Atkinson and Patricial Algar May 2022 TN USA

El Campeon Farm Licensed Officials Seminar USAWE Licensed with António Vicente  CA USA

WAWE World Champion Working Equitation Tournament Les Herbiers FRA 

Three Bulls Farm USAWE Eastern Zone Championships TN USA


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