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Lise LeBlanc is a professional educator of 25 years, Classical Dressage Equestrian rider / Working Equitation rider and trainer. She is  licensed to Judge in three organizations: Ontario ociety for Working Equitation, OSWE,  United States Association for Working Equitation,  USAWE 'L' and Working Equitation Canada , WECan 'L'.   Lise is a student of classical method as learned from ongoing learning from Classical masters and academic study with over 15 years application of classical method in a variety of work with horses of different breeds/ ages / conformation and levels of training.  The Masters Baucher, Racinet, Nuno Oliveira, Alois Podhajski, Steinbrecht, and more contemporary Walter Zettl and Charles de Kunffy figure prominently as influence. Lise has by attended many clinics over the past years and has schooled under the tutelage of many accomplished  Riding Masters including Walter Zettl, Peter Acton, John Lassetter, Frank Grelo who have shed experience and clarity and progressions of the classical method.  The biggest influence in Lise's training is the late Master Nuno Oliveira, by his descriptive written works, by his ingenious and gifted example and through his students that Lise has worked with.

Currently Lise is studying with Equestrian Masters in Spain and Portugal, including riding with Masters in Classical Dressage and Working Equitation.

Lise is a Master Educator, based on years of professional research, study and field experience in education,  making her expert at developing and delivering program, presenting information, and meeting a variety of student needs. Lise is also a certified Yoga instructor  adding a unique approach to understanding biomechanics, alignment, balance, release, and relaxation; all vital concepts in both Yoga and riding. Lise is founder and VP of The Ontario Society of Working Equitation and often busy travelling the world, learning and helping other organizations


Lise trains horses in French Classical Dressage and Working Equitation in Ontario, CAN.

Lise can be booked for clinics in Classical Dressage, Working Equitation Judging assignments, lessons and virtual sessions.

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