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Opportunities for Part Board

Horses part board / sale

Occasionally, and for the right individual, part boarding arrangements are available for riders who are interested leaning hands - on classical French method by leasing one of our horses over a period of time, and participating in that horse's ongoing training and development, under the direction and guidance of Lise. Horses leased can also be shown.



Lucy is a 9 year old Oldenburg mare who is currently in training for Working Equitation. She is a very sensitive mare and would be suitable for a skilled rider wishing to further their knowledge in classical riding  with a focus on learning lightness and riding from the seat. Lucy is currently L3 Working Equitation. She is doing lateral work in SI and HI at the walk and trot, and schooling canter. She is beginning canter to walk transitions, and will be working on canter exercises, counter canter and changes this summer.

I would consider selling Lucy to the right home



Emira is a 6 year old fancy Canadian Horse mare. She is very smart and willing, not to mention stunning. Emira is presently schooling L2 Working Equitation. She is confident with all the obstacles and is ready for some off property/show experiences this year. Emira is quite supple in hand and at the walk in lateral manège patterns. She does her shoulder in, haunches in, and half pass at the walk and trot. She will be working on canter this summer. 

Emira is currently on lease

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