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If its not tapered, it's not a garrocha.

LLWE Custom Garrocha

Custom LLWE garrochas are available by order.  Everything is engineered/finished on site, including all metal fittings. Orders will be taken and placed in cue with FULL payment.

Average manufacturing time is 6-8 weeks. Curing time between stages time.

For detailed customized orders with complex Art or design allow several weeks more.  Add 6-12 days for shipping.

Currently only shipping to CAN / USA

About LLWE Custom Garrochas

The Garrocha is a pole that is used in Spanish and Portuguese riding to help move and influence cattle. It has a similar function to the lariat used in North American ranch riding. In the sport of  Working Equitation the garrocha can be 8-11 feet.  When held properly, it is gripped toward the back, under the arm, and balanced so that more length of pole is in front. The Garrocha is not allowed to touch a cow in the cattle phase of Working Equitation. It is only used as an extension of the riders reach to persuade the cows direction. The design of the LLWE garrocha was developed through field-testing in clinics, and from feedback from  several professional horsment in Portugal including 2x World Working Equitation Champion, Gilberto Filipe!

After touring Spain and Portugal and riding on a working cattle farm, and learning the traditional Vaquero techniques, I could not be more proud of our Garrocha design. Although our poles would not be suitable for heavy duty, sustained ranch work, they are excellent in design and handling for sport and training. What is most obvious is the ease when changing positions, and the lightness in carrying. 


When the cattle are trained early with the horses and the garrocha they are very calm, and understand the duties of being penned and selected to go through the gates or chute; a very important routine for veterinary care, and for managing herds. Here the calm horse and rider defend an open gate waiting for workers who are busy working behind, preparing a new gate for selection process.

Cattle are quietly awaiting their turn inside the pen. 
Herdade da Carapuça Casa De Campo - Alentejo Portugal


2024  Series poles.

(Starting price includes natural wood, several sandings/coats of sealer, branded, stamped, and a painted white tip) 

Series 100: This is a 9' tapered garrocha with 3 sections. Starts at $500.00CAD (most popular)

Series 200: This is a 10' tapered garrocha with 4 sections. Can be also be made  9'  by removing the last section. Starting at $600.00CAD

Series 300: This is an 8' garrocha with only one section. It is only tapered over the last 1' of pole. It cannot be shipped. It is for pick up orders only. Starts at $300.00CAD

The LLWE 2024 Series 1 and 2 design is a 6' taper from the end section to the tip. This allows stability when holding the garrocha in correct technique. Holding the pole toward the base,  the tip of the garrocha will not be heavy, and will have less play (up and down) at speed. Adding the base cap - especially brass adds even more counter weight, acting almost like a pendulum. This  aids when changing carrying position of the garrocha, and when replacing it.

LLWE Custom garrochas are made completely from a selection of a variety of wood we have on our property. Each pole is unique in that it is hand-tooled and finished over a period of 6-8 weeks (min), to allow time for the pole to straighten, cure and settle into its own character. The poles undergo several stages of engineering and design. Wood is chosen and tapered. Joints are individually hand-tooled, coated. The pole is reinforced at each joint and placed in a mold to cure, before being assembled. Each pole is hand finished with a staining/sanding process, branded, numbered. Several coats of gloss are applied as a top coat. Finally each pole can be customized with finishing options (stain, paint, design, letter stamping, Art). It can be  fitted with a brass  or aluminium end cap and tip for added touch of class and extra durability.  


LLWE garrochas are very stylish and light to carry. They swing from carrying position to spearing position with ease. They are properly tapered so that you can carry more of the pole in front in proper balance.

Lise with Series 1 custom 9' garrocha showing taper and correct carrying position on shoulder


LLWE garrochas in development showing various finishes. (natural, paint/design and wood stain)

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