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Lise teaches a structured French Classical Dressage program that may not be suitable for every horse and rider. The program follows a long-term, structured approach, and includes theory. Riders are expected to practice skills learned between lessons to ensure advancement. Developmental milestones must be achieved before moving up exercises. Riders are expected to have a commitment to long-term successes of the horse over achieving short-term goals. Lise believes that a systematic approach that leaves no gaps in training is essential for the successful development of horses and riders. New clients will require a consultation to determine suitability before lessons  are offered. 

Lise offers progressive learning experience from lunge to introductory in-hand exercises to progressive suppling according to French Classical Masters

(Francois Baucher, Racinet),  beginning exercises in ground work, lateral movements in-hand, then the technique to apply the same exercises under saddle in the Classical Dressage ridden work. Dressage lessons will also to a Working Equitation obstacle, and demonstrate the significance of the Classical foundations in Working Equitation. What is different about this academic course vs participating in clinics is that students will learn and understand the progression of skills from in-hand technique to under saddle ridden dressage, and then practice with Working Equitation. This encourages deeper understanding.

If you are interested in lessons, please book a consultation.

Lise LeBlanc French Classical Riding

Session rates for private students

Consultation - $125.00  Introductory session, feedback.

1/hr private sessions - $95.00 

Travel fee of x0.66/km applies to all travel lessons

Travel outside a radius of 50km would require a group of individuals (3+) to sign up in the program

*Private students spots are limited and are determined after a consultation appointment. After the consultation a determination will be made on  program / frequency.  Packages of 10 lessons are available for new clients (2024).  

"Lise is an amazing instructor. I have learned so much in 3 sessions. French classical dressage is so different from the more traditional German dressage. My horse has never been so relaxed and willing.

She provides lessons in French Classical Dressage. It consists of very basic principles based on simple foundational truths, grounded in centuries of tradition. (Consider for instance "Hand without legs, legs without hand".) The French style is characterized by lightness.

Her lessons allow learning in a structured but relaxed format. She teaches with exceptional clarity, guidance and support. She provides exercises, both in-hand and ridden, to improve the horses movement as well as the riders seat and use of aids. The work is always done in relaxation and lightness. After each lesson, homework exercises are provided.

From her lessons, I have observed in both myself and other riders, that both horse and rider emerge more physically and mentally balanced, and in a more harmonious relationship. Within each lesson, I have personally experienced an incredible sense of accomplishment and confidence, and transformational changes in my riding and relationship with my horse. It is a truly fascinating and rewarding new direction to explore."


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