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French Classical Riding / Working Equitation

Working Equitation Judge CAN/USA

Lise teaches a structured French Classical Dressage program both virtually and in -person, but may not be suitable for every horse and rider. The program follows a long-term, structured approach. Horses should already be leading properly, and have basic lunge skills. Riders are expected to practice skills learned between lessons to ensure advancement. Developmental milestones must be achieved before moving up exercises. Riders are expected to have a commitment to long-term training of the horse, over achieving short-term goals. Lise believes that a systematic approach that leaves no gaps in training is essential for the successful development of horses and riders. New clients will require a consultation to determine suitability before lessons are offered. Lessons are to be pre-paid and min of 5 sessons is required to begin. For travel a minimum of 3 lessons/visit. Please use the form below to arrange a consult. 

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Learn to ride on my school Masters

Develop a classical seat
Learn to feel lightess?
Learn the meaning of balance
Learn proper connection
Have fun with Working Equitation


Private lessons available 
Norfolk Country, ON, CAN


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